April 25, 2014

Happy Fri. Nice morning here. Temp got up to 52 yesterday, and the snow is going pretty fast. We still have some in the yard, and there are piles of it where people cleared streets and driveways. The spring bird migration is on. We saw 8 trumpeter swans at Creamer’s Field refuge, along with many geese and a few ducks. Sunday I heard the first junco of the season in our neighborhood.

We watched the movie Nebraska on DVD. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty good. Pam was born in Nebraska and has relatives there, so there was added interest. The scenes of people conversing while watching TV are pretty funny if a bit sad. The plot evolves from an old man, Woody Grant (Bruce Dern), receiving a publisher’s clearing house type notice that he “may have won $1,000,000.” He has lost his driver’s license due to dementia issues, so he pressures his younger son David to drive him from Billings, MT to Lincoln to collect the prize.

When they stop over in his hometown of Hawthorne, NE, the relatives are impressed with his good fortune and some of them start calculating the value of old debts and favors and want to collect from Woody due to his new-found wealth. Everybody wants to shake his hand. The resulting complications are funny and sad. Well acted, in black and white.

nebraska dvd

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