August 4, 2010

Good Weddance. Somewhat pleasant here, some sun, some clouds, some blue, could be muggy.

Yokelly, the venerable Volvo took another dive late yesterday and is now awaiting the attention of trained mechanics. All the coolant ran out the bottom. Will this be the final one of a thousand cuts that does VV in? Stay tuned.

Nosy is snoozing. She has looked and acted much more normal the past four or five days, has spent long hours roaming her leafy domain day and night, then sleeping long hours in chair or loft, but has become a more finicky eater and, somewhat importantly, has lost her former excellent aim when peeing. This is not a great development. Am considering some sort of mud flap hanging from the base of the tail. Alternatively, there is remedial potty training for cats. Who knew?

Local gnus is two stories that will likely generate protest. 

Former Fairbanks man who killed toddler out on probation

Abuse case against Fairbanks priest dismissed

The online comments are about as over-the-top as you would expect.

Enjoy Weddance.

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