April 30, 2014

Good Wed. Grayish here. Snow still melting.

On the weekend we went to see “Noah” the movie. It was pretty entertaining, if not especially close to the classic text. OTOH, the classic text (Genesis 7-9) is a conflation of two stories (hence one pair of each animal in one version, and seven pairs of “clean” animals in the other). And there are intriguing hints of “giants in the earth in those days” who were messing around with the women folk. The critics have been pretty harsh about “the Watchers” depicted as encrusted with rock. I kind of liked them. But really, if you had a large ship and the world was flooding, would you be surprised that all your neighbors wanted on board? In our visual/oral culture, where few actually read the classics, including the Bible, this may become the best known version of the story. Imagine the new religions waiting to sprout.

Anyway, the flood special effects were suitably astonishing, though I doubt such a vessel would float for long. Putting the animals to sleep was a good move—does away with concerns about food and its effects. Well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but if you cross Exodus and Lord of the Rings, you get the idea. Spectacular, with okay acting. Russell Crowe as Noah and Ray Winstone as Tubal-cain, the bad guy, were pretty good. Shem and Ham were annoying. The women did good.


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