May 1, 2014

Happy Thurs. Nice morning here. Should get into the high 50s this afternoon. Still a little snow here and there, mostly where it got piled by plows.

In yokel news, we’ve been watching a series of lectures on the American Revolution by Alan Guelzo, a college professor whose book on Gettysburg is currently a best seller. His style of lecturing is very different from any I’ve seen. Basically, he tells the story of the revolution in considerable detail without notes except for reading passages from letters by George Washington or John Adams or a British general to illustrate what they were thinking at the time. He can rattle off which regiments were at which battles, who the generals and lieutenants were, what date they marched where and also tell interesting stories about the personalities. He also covers the new congress, but his main focus is on Washington and the Continental Army.

I’ve learned a lot from this series, and we’ve augmented it with History Channel videos on the subject. There are 24 30-minute lectures. We did #23 last night. If you want a pretty detailed overview of the Revolution, this is a good bet. His storytelling ability would work well with audio if you like that format. The video uses maps and pictures to illustrate. Guelzo looks the part of the frumpy college professor, but he’s obviously given these lectures many times and loves telling the story. From the public library.

Guelzo American Revolution

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