March 25, 2014

Happy Tues. The snow is gradually melting around here. Temp got up to +38 yesterday afternoon and is currently 21.

Yokel news is slow. We watched a good History Channel docu-drama about Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary War hero turned traitor. Washington was rich and could afford to serve without pay. Arnold wasn’t and couldn’t. After winning some important battles for the rebels, he fell for a loyalist woman who suggested he could make his fortune by betraying the fort at West Point on the Hudson River to the British. Her former BF arranged the subterfuge. At the last moment BF was apprehended with a pass signed by BA and the jig was up.

Arnold escaped to England where he lived out his unhappy days. BF was hanged. West Point was saved. According to the film, Arnold’s perfidy (wotd!) swayed many continental soldiers to reenlist and within a few years the US came into being. The film shows that the mix of rebels, loyalists, and neutrals in the colonies was volatile. Also, the congress, then as now, was unreliable, being composed of self-important blowhards willing to damage the country’s interests in pursuit of their own pet projects. We already knew this.

Locally we had a couple of gun in a crowd incidents but fortunately no one was shot. One perp was easy to identify because he was wearing a jersey with the number 7 on it. LOL. Police: “How tall was he? Hair color? Etc.” Witnesses: “Number 7 did it.”

And statewide we have this headline

Alaska Game Board bans drone use by hunters

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