February 4, 2014

Good Tues. Nice clear day here but cool at -9.

I watched the Superbowl, my first football game of the year. I withheld comment yesterday to give Bronco’s fans a break, but although I used to root for the Broncos when John Elway was QB, I was inclined to throw my psychic support to the Seahawks because I’ve spent a lot of time in Seattle. BTW, a sea hawk is what is now called an osprey. Beautiful bird, found world-wide, featured in ancient Chinese poetry. Anyway, I had heard of just one of the players in the epic battle, Peyton Place. So there was virtually no familiarity with names to influence my support. The first play gave me pause in considering the Broncos. Poor kickoff return. The next play cinched it. Safety. Clearly I should back the other team.

The game was one of the best I have ever watched. Not, of course, for the quality of play, but for the endless possibilities it presented of ways to win or lose a game. And the team I chose at the 12 second mark won! Rah! I skipped the halftime extravaganza, which resembled the one last year with elaborate lights around the stage, lights in the crowd, etc. The half-naked gyrations of some performers, offset by the dressy costumes of the others, were interesting but not musically gratifying. No wonder people in other countries think we are nuts.

The much bruited ads were nothing much. I liked the reviled Coca-Cola ad of America sung in different langwidges, though apparently it stirred up primitive passions in many sincere patriots. Did anyone else notice that Place lifted his left leg at each snap? Seems like an opposing lineman could key on that move. My favorite play was the kick-off return TD, which featured some fancy running, as did another TD on a pass reception 20 yards out. Now I have a long wait for the World Series.


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