December 3, 2013

Happy Tues. The temp has moved up to about zero after several days of below-Z bottoming out at around -26.

My nephew Ian and his wife arrived Thursday at 5:15 after five days on the Alaska Highway starting at Dawson Creek, BC. They have been gallivanting around town in sub-zero temps like hardened sourdoughs. Ian is a freelance graphic artist whose illustrations you have probably seen without knowing it. He pointed out a Pyramid bottled water package in our garage that he illustrated. Magda is an accomplished architectural photographer. They have been traveling all year, beginning last New Year’s Eve in Santiago, Chile. They headed for Argentina, then Antarctica, then back to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, the Central states of the US, then across Canada and up here. Friday they fly to Barrow for three days to complete their “North via South” adventure.

They have been blogging a couple of times a month at the New Yorker website, with Ian’s interesting and often humorous travelogue and Magda’s stunning photos. They are planning a book. At least, I encouraged them to do so. They published a book about three years ago featuring Magda’s photos of their trip around the world. Anyway, it’s nice having “the kids” (40 and 35) here this week. You can see their work at http://yearoftravel.com/northviasouth/ and http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/photobooth/2013/01/slide-show-north-via-south-from-antarctica-to-alaska.html . The first of Magda’s Canada and Alaska photos will appear this week.

Locally, the news is pretty much the usual, apart from the woman who fell from an 8th story window into the arms of waiting firemen.

Fairbanks woman rescued after falling from eighth floor of Northward Building

The cold and dark are getting to some people.

Two stabbed in dispute over pie in Fairbanks

Gun rage lands Fort Wainwright man in jail

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