November 25, 2013

Happy Mon. The day started out early at +12 and has since dropped to -2. Kind of blah looking.

Not too much to retort. My nephew and his wife have made their way from Antarctica through Latin American to the US of A to the Great Lakes and then across Canada and spent the night in Dawson Creek, BC, en route to Fairbanks. Ian, now 40, is doing the driving, and Magda, a professional photographer, is snapping photos along the way. They started out in Santiago, Chile last New Year’s Eve (it was summer there), then went to Argentina, Antarctica, back through Argentina and Brazil, then over to Bolivia and up to Colombia and Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico.

They have had warm weather, with the exception of Antarctica, most of the time. It was chilly across Canada, getting down to -3 at one point. They were momentarily shaken by my report that it got down to -33 here last week, but the forecast is for mostly above zero for the next several days, so they decided to drive on up. Their ETA is Friday this week. I hope the temps hold at moderate. They are used to snow and ice from winter in New York City, but they are not used to extreme cold and long stretches of unpopulated highway with 5 hours of daylight. I’ll be relieved when they get here safely.

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