November 15, 2013

A most joyous Friday to you. Things locally are sort of bad for a lot of people.

Schools closed for Friday; thousands in Fairbanks region still without power due to winter storm

We, on the other hand, got our power back after only about four hours. The neighborhood we moved from in the spring still does not have power, so they are heating with wood stoves and friction. Fortunately, there is no temperature. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

The story out of Sitka about the tree buried in volcanic ash about 13,180 years ago is inner resting. That was about the time people in the Middle East figured out how to domesticate wild dogs and goats and sheep and pigs and cattle. We don’t know how they went about this because they didn’t learn to write for another 7,000 years, and by then oral tradition had worn pretty thin. It was just a thousand or so years before writing that peoples from the Black Sea region rode their horses with chariots and wagons attached into Greece and Eastern Europe and Turkey and Iran and India, bringing with them their language, now called Proto-IndoEuropean, which developed into most of the languages of Western Europe and South Asia that we know of today. They were not welcomed everyplace they went, as has been true of human migrations since the beginning of time.

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