November 1, 2013

Happy Friday. The ghosts and goblins have departed. One small person who appeared as a pretty large spider informed Pam he started out with a tail but “the safety pin got tired.” Not sure why he had a tail to begin with, but it was an interesting idea. The last callers, two normally dressed teen girls, said they had gone costumed earlier in the day, one as Napoleon. A teen who knows about Napoleon! We failed to get rid of all the candy, so if I send out any overly exuberant messages in the next few days, it could be due to a sugar high.

Last weekend we watched an interesting French movie called Tomboy. It’s about a 10-year-old girl Laure who moves with her family to a new apartment block in a different area. Laure likes to do the things boys do because it’s more interesting. Her hair is cut pretty short, so she introduces herself as Michael to the kids in the new neighborhood. It’s summertime with no school and this interesting experiment works pretty well until some complications begin to set in. Michael learns to spit and play soccer like the boys, but when they pee on the grass near the soccer field, well, she hadn’t expected that. Her solution to being invited to go swimming with the other kids produces some hilarious moments—what swimsuit to wear?

Laure has a sweet little sister who likes tutus and girly things, and Laure is a good big sister to her. There are a few adults in the film, including Laure’s mother, who is pregnant and has no idea her daughter is pretending to be a boy. This becomes important when the cute neighbor girl Lisa gets a crush on “Michael” and kisses her. Laure had not expected this either. When neighbor mom gets wind of all this, the fireworks begin. You watch this absorbing story unfold knowing Laure will finally be revealed as a girl and wondering how that will play out. An enjoyable film, in French with subtitles. The child actors do an excellent job. The critics really liked it. We found it at the public library.

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