July 30, 2013

Good Tues. Nice morning here. 66 degrees and sunny. The bug population has begun to drop substantially, making outdoors more attractive.

We watched Meet Joe Black over the weekend. Brad Pitt was so-so playing Joe Black. Anthony Hopkins as Bill Parrish (perish) is good as the media tycoon who’s told by the mysterious Black he’s got one foot in the grave but will get a life extension if he teaches Black something about life, and Claire Forlani plays the younger daughter who is the love interest of Pitt’s double character. The story features a gorgeous executive apartment including a library to die for. (Heh.) Anyway, I assume most of you have seen this already.

If not, it’s a pretty good story (based on the play Death Takes a Holiday) that focuses on what has real meaning in life (sentimentality warning). Pitt had trouble deciding how to play an abstraction trying out what it’s like to be alive, and the result is often unconvincing. On the one hand he’s socially awkward, not knowing how to interact, use silverware, etc., while on the other hand he knows everything about everybody. Nice fireworks near the end. Absorbing but mostly forgettable. Adult themes and scenes despite the PG-13 rating.

Meet Joe Black

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