May 22, 2013

Happy Wed. Nice day here again. Yesterday was really the first day of spring, and it felt like summer after the cold weekend. Saturday the high was 33. Yesterday it got up to the low 50s.

We watched Roman Holiday, a 1953 film with Gregory Peck and “Introducing Audrey Hepburn” as a young princess from an unnamed European country on a goodwill tour in Rome who wanders away from the palace in a drugged state (her personal physician shot her up with a “new drug” to help her sleep). She falls asleep on a park bench, where Peck, an American reporter, finds her and takes her home to his apartment. This is 1953, so nothing bad happens, and the following day, while royal officials search frantically for the princess, she spends the day with Peck and his photographer buddy (Eddie Albert) doing touristy things in Rome. For the princess this is supposed to be her first time on her own without a countess nanny at her elbow, and she has a great time vacationing from her role as gracious royal.

The Americans, on the other hand, are trying to get material for a splashy newspaper article, the Albert character taking paparazzi photos of the princess with a camera disguised as a cigarette lighter and Peck trying to get responses to interview-type questions. Things turn out all right (this is 1953) and Peck predictably falls in love with the princess beyond his reach (if that’s a spoiler, you haven’t watched many films). Hepburn’s role was originally intended to go to Elizabeth Taylor, but director William Wyler picked Hepburn from a screen test and the rest is her story. Amazingly, she won best actress AA for this role. The film is pretty fluffy, but for fans of Hepburn and Peck and 1953 this is enjoyable.


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