April 15, 2013

Good Mon. Pale here and +4. Still lots of snow on the ground.

Yokelly we watched The Iron Lady with Alexandra Roach and Meryl Streep as the young and older Margaret Thatcher. The acting in the film is quite good, but the conception—progressive flashbacks from the time late in her life that Thatcher suffered from Alzheimer’s—robs the film of any forward movement and makes the dementia almost seem the main point of the film. Thatcher was the longest serving British prime minister of the 20th century.

Her policies were controversial, and even this past week after her death there was lots of argument pro and con about her politics. Nonetheless, she was a trailblazer whose intelligence, abilities, and ambition propelled her to the top. In the end she was seen by many as ideologically rigid and a bit of a bully. Perhaps because she conquered the odds, she thought others should be expected to do the same. She lost her position when he own party came to regard her as a liability. Worth seeing but maybe not high on the must-see list. The same director made Mama Mia with Streep. Very different films. Ebert gave it just 2 stars, complaining that the script did not go anywhere, though it does evoke Thatcher’s qualities and character. Netflix.


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