March 13, 2013

Happy Thurs. Another lovely day but still cool.  -1 in the flats and the inversion went away.

Not too much of general interest to report on the yokel scene. The writer of the Amazon trek book I am reading is still stuck in the jungle and watching out for the odd bushmaster (majorly dangerous snake), anacondas (very affectionate), and the Arrow People, known for their skill as archers shooting arrows with tips dipped in a natural poison that causes your lungs to stop breathing and your heart to stop beating. Other annoyances include biting ants, hairy spiders the size of a softball, and several varieties of mosquito.

At this point in the narrative they are fashioning dug-out canoes from logs 60 feet long for their journey down a tributary to the Amazon and back to civilization. They received an air drop of food, including Kool-aid, but the food is disappearing at night and the menu again features boiled monkey. There is dissension in the ranks. Will let you know if the writer got out alive.


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