Wodin’s Day

October 17, 2012

Wodin’s Day. We are still at war, in case anyone has forgotten. Doesn’t seem to be covered much in the news. +16 here and we’ve got about an inch and a half of fluffy snow.

Locally, I struggled manfully on the weekend to swap the tires on P’s car to the winter ones. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have jacked up a car. One winter here, I think it was 87-88, I had eight flat tires and changed them all myself in places like the Bentley Mall parking lot, a busy section of Chena Hot Springs Road, and (mostly) the gravel parking pad in our yard. Ah, nostalgia.

Local news is less interesting than the Ketchikan tarp murders. We do have some happy people here, though—

2 Fairbanks men accused of ecstasy operation

Nice to see people getting medical training. The site of manufacture was about two miles from here, not down in the dumps.

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