October 29, 2012

Good Mon. +16 after a gray weekend with temps ranging from 11 to 25.

Not too much going on yokelly. We watched a docudrama about the 2000 Florida vote recount called Recount. It includes information that was not known at the time, but basically, there were some major screw-ups on both sides as well as some highly political maneuvering that resulted in stopping the vote recount and declaring a winner. Much of the citizen “outrage” at how long the recount was taking was manufactured by the RNC, including the vociferous mob that stormed the Miami-Dade vote counting center demanding an end to the recount.

They succeeded, with the help of the US Supremes who famously voted 5-4 to stop the counting because time had run out after they issued an injunction three days earlier to stop the counting. Pure politics, but of course we should not forget that everything worked out fine when the winner took office, including 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, Guantanamo, torture, and financial panic. Perhaps we will get some more along those lines soon. Iran, anyone? The film is done pretty well. Kevin Spacey plays the Dem lawyer and former Gore chief-of-staff who led the Dem efforts. Laura Dern plays Florida Secretary of State Katherine Brown, who resembles Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. This film came out before the 2008 campaign, so that was prophetic.

Anyway, if you want to revisit what can go wrong when votes are deliberately not counted, a situation still prevailing in much of the US due to outmoded voting equipment in some areas and unclear ethical lines between partisanship and administrative duties, then this is a good reminder. From Netflix.

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