October 1, 2012

Happy Monday. Clear and sunny here, but starting out at 23 degrees, our coldest morning so far this fall. We had hard frost. Should warm up to the low 40s by afternoon.

We watched an interesting HBO documentary called “Autism: The Musical” (to follow up on the Temple Grandin movie). It’s a moving and interesting account of a group of parents in the LA area who worked with their autistic children to put on a musical. The film features five families whose autistic kids range from a boy who rarely speaks to a couple of high-functioning children who are extremely bright and articulate but have behavioral issues that render them not quite able to be mainstreamed in school. The film is valuable for showing this range of disabilities, which most people are probably unaware of.

The shared focus of the film is the difficulties the parents face in caring and advocating for their autistic children. One of the boys happens to be the son of rock star Stephen Stills, and the others range socioeconomically from well-to-do to barely making it, so it’s likely Stills footed much of the bill for making the film. He is introduced in an off-hand manner midway through the film as the father of Henry, but the focus is squarely on the kids and their primary care givers. We found the film absorbing, interesting, and extremely moving. Well worth watching. From Netflix.

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