August 23, 2012

Good Thursday. Nice morning here. Very nice. 54 degrees and rising. Should hit about 66 again like it did yesterday. Yellow patches are appearing in the trees, and the shrubby stuff is starting to show yellow and red. Poor fireweed crop this year, not many blossoms. It apparently rained a lot in July. Good for the water table. A Northern Flicker has been visiting our yard, vacuuming up ants. Beautiful bird. Internet photo below. They come in two varieties: yellow-shafted (East Coast), and red-shafted (West Coast). You can see the feather shaft colors underneath when they fly. Alaska has the Eastern variety because of migration paths. This is a female (no red “moustache” – aka malar stripe). The red-shafted variety lacks the red nape and the male has a black malar stripe.

Photo by Steve at My Opera

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