August 6, 2012

Good Mon. Nice day here, as was Sunday after light rain and clouds to start the Tanana Valley Fair, which opened Friday evening. It’s an old joke that “Fair weather” is clouds and rain. They moved the dates up about ten days several years ago in hopes of avoiding rain and the rain just started falling earlier. That’s the unofficial meteorological take.

We blobbed out with two movies over the weekend. The first was “Le Divorce,” with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts as American sisters in Paris. It was pretty good—has some French dialogue (with English subtitles), as you might guess from the title. It’s a comedy that features two murders, which are not funny. The dialogue is amusing even if the situation is not—pregnant older sister is dumped by her artist boyfriend, younger sister arrives to visit and falls for an older man, long-running dispute over a valuable old painting. Glenn Close plays an American writer in Paris who knows a thing or two about the older man. Enjoyable film, but not worth a special trip to the video store.

The other movie was In Her Shoes, with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley Maclaine. Diaz and Collette play sisters (here we go again!). One sister is pretty messed up (booze and flooze) and the other is uptight, as we used to say. It does not help that the younger sister (Diaz) trashes her sister’s apartment and love life. About half hour into the film the plot takes an interesting turn—there’s a long lost grandmother (Maclaine) and younger sister travels to Florida to mooch off her. From there the story becomes very absorbing and builds to a satisfying conclusion. Excellent acting by the three leads. This is not a chick flick, really. More of a character development study involving all three main characters. We really liked it. Ebert gave it 3.5 stars out of four. Worth a trip to the video store.

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