May 22, 2012

Happy Tuesday. Nice day here. Sunny with a breeze, wafting pollen everywhere.

Not too much to report. We watched a four-part NOVA series on The Fabric of the Cosmos with physics professor Brian Greene, who is not your usual torpid college prof. I have to admit not quite following a lot of what he talked about, though like physicists and astronomers everywhere, he loves an analogy. The big news is that scientists have succeeded in teleporting an atom. Soon we will go into a scanner, have our bodily atoms scanned, and be reassembled elsewhere. Disneyworld? Paris?The main hitch to the procedure at this stage is that the original is destroyed in the process. But if there’s a good copy of you elsewhere, what difference does that make? But be sure nothing gets into the booth with you.

Vincent Price in The Fly 1958

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