December 20, 2011

Happy Tues. Still dark here. +17 or so, depending on where you are. Sunday there was gorgeous light in the middle part of the day as the sun peeked out from behind distant clouds and made sunrise/set effects. Very pretty.

Yokelly, we finished Madmen season 4 and will now take a break from that entertainingly sordid world. Also, I am closing in on the end of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years, an epic (1000+ pages) history. I am up to the 20th century post-WWII period. Since the Roman emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion in 325, the church has been inextricably involved in Western and West Asian history. Today the largest Christian church in the world is in South Korea, where they have been wishing NK’s Kim Jong ill and now probably wish the same for his son and heir to power.

The 1900s saw the rise of the ecumenical movement, though two world wars slowed its progress considerably. The 1900s also saw the rise of Pentacostalism and televangelism, two of the biggest influences on world religion in our time. Good book, but quite an investment of reading time. For the die-hard history buff in your life.

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