November 4, 2011

Happy Friday. + 20 here, up from -8 two days ago.

We watched another couple of segments of Life, the BBC nature documentary with David Attenborough. Some of the most amazing photography I’ve ever seen. I thought Planet Earth was spectacular, and it is, but parts of Life might be even better. Last evening we watched three lions mauling a hyena who attempted to share their kill. The hyena barely escaped, then brought back reinforcements. 20 or more hyenas can make three lions leave their kill. Near the beginning there’s a sequence of a large lizard chasing an African shrew that is incredible. The last part follows humpback whales in a “heat run” as several males compete to impress the female who summoned them by whacking her fins on the surface of the ocean (tip to gals in search of Mr. Right). The photographer said in the special feature it was the most exciting thing he had ever filmed, since he was in the water with hundreds of tons of writhing, twisting, leaping mammal. The episode was titled Mammals. Three discs to go. I got it cheap on the I-net. You can probably find it at your library, DVD rental, or Netflix. 6 stars.

The most interesting local news is the lone goose who apparently has decided to overwinter here.

Tim Mowry

Quite a few ducks overwinter, leading at least one eagle to do the same, given the lunch menu. And of course lots of small birds stay as well, including the doughty chickadees.

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