September 14, 2011

Happy Wed. In between here, could get nice. Hope so, as the leaves are spectacular.

Yokelly we watched the old movie Lifeboat, a Hitchcock film written by John Steinbeck, starring Tallulah Bankhead and Walter Slezak, with William Bendix before his Riley years. Plot: German U-boat sinks American merchant ship, survivors of latter end up in lifeboat, along with a German they pull from the water. Bankhead plays a fashion-plate war correspondent, if there is such a thing, Slezak plays the German, and there are assorted crew members, an industrialist, and a woman nurse. The rest of the film takes place in the boat, where they get on each others’ nerves, one person commits suicide, and two are murdered. It has good moments, but I wouldn’t cross town or pay much to see it.

TB’s character takes a fancy to a South-side Chicago seaman with initials tattooed to his arms and chest. The scene where she draws her initials on his abs in lipstick is amusing. Oddly, the biggest initials, centered on his chest, are B. M. Some kind of joke, I guess.

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