September 13, 2011

Good Tues. Grayish here after a nice day yesterday. The fall colors are spectacular, and the birds are storing away sunflower seed at a prodigious rate. They emptied one feeder in three days that usually lasts them two weeks. Chickadees cache seed in tree holes and return to the caches during the winter to feed when snow blankets the ground. The juncos will fly south, assuming they can lift off carrying as much weight as they have put on the past month. Ordinarily you could send three or four of them with a 44-cent stamp, but I’m guessing you could only send two now.

Meanwhile, the boreal chickadees in the neighborhood are making occasional forays into the yard to see if the peanut butter is out yet. Not till it gets cold, I tell them. Then they will peck at the pb as fast as they can before the gray jays find it and scarf it all. Woodpeckers like it, too.

Local news has been unremarkable of late, so far as I can determine. In this morning’s paper is news of yet another Stryker Brigade soldier killed in Afghanistan, ten years after we invaded. 19 years old.


Fairbanks man charged with sexual abuse of minor

Dogs on runway delay Alaska Airlines jet landing

Alaska Plant Materials Center announces seed sale

Tim Sander celebrates 75 years as a Benedictine monk

Fairbanks City Council amends bed tax rules

The day they start taxing my bed is the day I put my house up for sale and move someplace else.

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