June 30, 2010

Seattle airport after a poor night’s sleep. Red-eye flight departed at 12:55 AM. Loud babies. Couple sat either side of me, Pam in the row directly behind. Couple talked and passed things back and forth over me. I asked if they would like to sit together. Stupid question, apparently. Oh, no, of course not. Older babies.

I read more in the Song of Roland seated in the Fairbanks airport near the President Reagan-Pope John Paul II Room, which is used for nothing that I am aware of. Probably the TSA staff go in there to conduct interpersonal inspections. Anyway, Roland was a long time dying, killing scores of “Paynim” knights on the way out. The guy who snuck up on Roland lying in the grass about to expire and tried to take his sword had his eyes knocked out and his head cut off. Touche!

Now Charlemange, who arrived back with his army after the nick of time and pursued the Musselmen army to a river where most of them drowned (shades of Exodus), has a couple of odd dreams reminiscent of Dante’s Inferno Canto I involving leopard, bears, lion, etc. allegorically representing the head baddies of the Muslim Empire. We are headed toward hand to hand combat, with Charles victorious despite being 200 years old. That is not a typo. Kings lived longer in those days (see Genesis chapters 4 through 10.) Will let you know how it turned out.

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