August 25, 2011

Happy Thursday. Nice day here, sunny. Started out at 43 degrees.

Yokelly, the foxes continue to hang around the yard nearly every day. Meanwhile, the bird population is thinning. Last week, in addition to our bountiful populations of black-capped chickadees and dark-eyed juncos, we had ruby-crowned kinglets, yellow-rumped warblers, a flycatcher, and a hermit thrush. This week it’s just the chickadees and juncos and a flock of pine siskins. Over at the pond three miles from here there are still some scaups and wigeons and what appears to be two young grebes, but the gulls are gone, along with most of the ducks. This weekend is the sandhill crane festival. In about two weeks the cranes and Canada geese will start heading south. Lots of nice colors are appearing in the woods. Summer must be coming to an end.


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