May 26, 2010

Happy Wodin’s Day, starting out lovely here. We got a real downpour yesterday after similarly nice beginnings, so who knows what the future holds? 

Overheard at Fred Meyer: “In this, the seventh year of US occupation of Iraq and the ninth year of the US war in Afghanistan, with tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil gushing into one of the richest wildlife zones in the Western Hemisphere, everything is hunky dory. Not to worry. These things will all straighten themselves out. Meanwhile, the NYT reports that Pakistanis are paranoid that the US is doing things in their country. Why would they think that? Sure, the occasional drone operated from Nevada takes out a wedding party or a bus, the occasional terrorist is arrested or assassinated, there are 180000 US troops in two neighboring countries, but let’s not exaggerate. Just do as we say and nobody will get hurt.” Naturally, when I heard this, I interjected, “What’s the matter with you? If you don’t love the troops, leave them. Pakis hate our freedom. And all that talk about Blackwater contractors and drones and beheadings and such is just propaganda. Be careful or we’ll find a place for you at Gitmo.” That shut ‘em up. 

Locally, I can report that the cat dislikes pate style Fancy Feast about as much as she dislikes pate style Friskies, which is cheaper. So much for that experiment. I wish they would just print on the can, “Pate Style! Your cat will HATE it!” Would save me repeated ugly scenes at the food bowl station. 

Also in local news, Bear roaming Chena Lake area causes concern for wildlife officials 

FAIRBANKS — A bear shreded a tent at an empty campsite at Chena Lake Recreation Area on Monday evening and returned several hours later to rock a small RV back and forth while a person was inside… 

Nobody told me there were bears in Alaska. Geez, who knew? 

We also have this story, which features evidence from recorded calls by an FCC inmate—  

Police say Fairbanks woman helped murder suspect evade capture 

by Chris Freiberg / cfreiberg@newsminer.com 

FAIRBANKS – A Fairbanks woman was arrested earlier this week for allegedly helping a murder suspect evade capture for several days in March. 

Shannon B. Kiehl, 22, has been charged with first-degree hindering prosecution, a class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison. 

Court documents allege that Kiehl picked up Sean Jeffers just minutes after the March 16 shooting of Bryan Richardson outside of Ivory Jack’s Bar and Restaurant in Goldstream Valley. 

Richardson, his girlfriend and David Pfalmer went to the parking lot to meet someone. They did not enter the restaurant. 

Pfalmer, who has been charged in connection with an alleged conspiracy to kill Richardson, got out of the car shortly before a van carrying Jeffers arrived. Jeffers exited the van, walked up to Richardson and shot him once in the chest, court documents allege. 

According to the criminal complaint filed Monday against Kiehl, the driver of the van had no idea Jeffers was planning to shoot Richardson, and after driving away from the bar, the driver demanded Jeffers get out of the van on nearby Jones Road. 

Jeffers then called Kiehl for help, and she picked him up nearby. For the next several days, Kiehl reportedly rented rooms at the Fairbanks Best Western and the College Inn so Jeffers could hide from law enforcement. He turned himself in on March 20. 

Alaska State Troopers were tipped off about Kiehl’s involvement in the case thanks to tape-recorded calls between her and Jeffers after he was incarcerated at the Fairbanks Correctional Center, according to the complaint. 

The jail records all inmate phone conversations. 

Jeffers reportedly talked about staying at the hotels with Kiehl and warned her about keeping “incriminating photos” that showed them together. Jeffers also told Kiehl to tell his attorney that he shot Richardson in self-defense, according to the complaint. 

Kiehl’s only prior criminal conviction was in 2008 for felony drugs misconduct. 

Watch what you say on a prison phone, I guess. 

And then there is this— 

26 decapitated chickens found in North Pole coop 

by Chris Freiberg / cfreiberg@newsminer.com 

FAIRBANKS — Someone ripped the heads off 26 chickens at a home in the North Pole area, and Alaska State Troopers are wondering why. 

The 26 headless chickens, arranged in a 12- to 15-foot-long line pattern that ended in a circle, were discovered Monday in a coop off Sharon Road. There was no sign of the 26 chicken heads. 

Three chickens were unharmed, and no damage was done to the coop, according to troopers. 

“We have no idea what the thought process was,” trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said. “We’re looking at whatever information the community has to bring in, whoever did this.” 

The chickens were infested with flies when they were found and unsuitable for eating. After taking pictures of the crime scene, the carcasses were disposed of. 

Troopers have not released the names of the homeowners because they do not know if the chicken killings were meant as a threat. 

“This is the first time we’ve heard of something like this,” Peters said. “We won’t know what they were doing until we find someone we can talk to.” 

Those responsible for the chicken killings could be charged with felony criminal mischief. 

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call troopers at 451-5100. 

 Bunch of weirdos up here. 

 Happy Wed. 

Gary Larson


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