May 13, 2011

Good Fri. Or is it Bad Fri due to the calendar date? Cool here at 37 degrees and pale with some overcast and a breeze. Has been cool and breezy much of the past week.

Yokelly not too much going on. Watched another art history lecture. I took an art history course at UCLA way back when that was very enjoyable. There is more to a good painting than introduces itself to the eye. Take this one, for example,

St. Jerome in his Study (1474) by Antonello da Messina (Tony from Messina)

The key to this small painting (18” high) is the cutouts under the study area floor. The arches mirror arches in other parts of the painting, and the rectangular cutouts mirror rectangles. The three birds are symbols that art historians debate to this day (Tony to himself: “Guess I ought to put some weird assorted objects into the scene to make people wonder”). Jerome, incidentally, translated the Greek Bible of Alexandria into Latin in the late 300s and this became known as the Vulgate that has been used by the Catholic Church ever since. In the shadow at the right is a creature that is hard to pick out in this reproduction—the lion that in legend Jerome helped by removing a thorn from its paw (Aesop, anyone?). Nosy can relate to this.

Detail of St. Jerome in his Study (at de rear of de lion)


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