April 20, 2011

Happy Wednesdayadsendew. Nice day shaping up here. Got down to +20 overnight. The melting goes on apace. The glacier that slipped off the roof yesterday afternoon was several inches thick and would have snuffed any living creature it landed on. Glad I was indoors. Nosy was napping.

Yokelly, we watched another lecture in the Neurobiology series, this one on hormones. Hormones travel in your bloodstream, as opposed to neurotransmitters, which are the same kinds of chemicals that travel hundredths of an inch from one neuron to another. Hormones come in five flavors, each with a variety of kinds, but all composed of similar chemical elements. There is not much difference chemically between estrogen and testosterone, but what the body does with them matters a great deal. Hence the importance of finely tuned receptors. The heart and the brain secrete hormones, something not realized until recently. Hormone production is regulated by the anterior pituitary under general direction of the hypocampus. The campus I attended was very hip, but it was sanitary and spitting was not allowed. (hint: patooee)


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