April 1, 2011

Happy Fri. Nice day here, bright and sunny. There were two moose in the yard early on, eating the apparently inedible. -12 at the airport.

Yokelly not too much happening. Nosy really wanted to go out, then felt the cold air and decided otherwise.

Local news isn’t anything to write home about either.

However, we do have a longish and somewhat anthropological Police Report—


• Two Fairbanks women were charged with felony theft for allegedly working together to steal a laptop computer from Geek City Electronics on Third Avenue a week ago. Elizabeth Patricial McDaniel, 37, was charged with two counts of second-degree theft and Shelby Lehuanani Ryan, 47, was charged with one count. According to charging documents, an employee from the store called police to report an Asus laptop computer valued at $1,799 was stolen from the store. The theft was caught on video by security cameras and the footage was given to police. The tape showed an unidentified thief and accomplice milling about in the store at around 4 p.m. It appeared the thief signaled the accomplice to stand lookout while she put the laptop up the back of her coat. The computer got stuck as she was doing so and the accomplice helped conceal it the rest of the way before the women left the store.

Two days later, on Sunday, Ryan called police to report the thief and the laptop were at her apartment on 16th Avenue. Ryan told police she knew McDaniel by first name only and she had let her stay at her apartment for a week. She said she went to the store with McDaniel but didn’t know she planned to steal the laptop until the theft had taken place. Ryan told police she was too scared to say anything until the bishop at her church told her to contact police. Police then interviewed McDaniel, who initially gave police the wrong name. She eventually was identified when an officer who had previous contact with her arrived on scene. McDaniel had a felony arrest warrant and was on felony probation. When the probation office requested a search of McDaniel’s belongings and the room she was staying in, police found a debit card belonging to Ryan in McDaniel’s purse, along with the pin number. Records showed McDaniel had withdrawn $60 from the account.

Police recovered the laptop computer in Ryan’s son’s closet. McDaniel had given it to the boy the day of the theft and told him to hang on to it until she needed it back. The model and serial numbers matched the numbers of the computer that was stolen. McDaniel also was charged with fraudulent use of an access device and making a false report. After reviewing the surveillance tapes provided by Geek City to check Ryan’s story, police discovered Ryan’s story was inconsistent with her actions on the tape, which they said showed her participating in the theft.

• Lokota W. Head, 26, of Hughes, was charged with second-degree theft for allegedly stealing more than $1,000, including a purse and a gold wedding ring, from a man and a woman staying at Springhill Suites. The woman told Fairbanks police she was returning to her room on March 23 and found Head beating up her husband. Head then attacked her, she said. Hotel staff called 911 and police found Head near the Cushman Street bus depot. She was seen throwing things from her pockets. She had a debit card in the name of woman at the hotel, a man’s gold wedding band and a jacket the man said was his. Head’s purse was left in the hotel room, police said. Head told police the man had offered to pay her for sex as he was leaving the Mecca Bar that afternoon. She said they did have sex, but he became upset. She took whatever she could from the room as she was kicked out, she said. The man told police the woman offered to have sex for $20, but he said he did not know her and did not want to have sex with her.


Victor F. Vent, 21, of Huslia, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and refusal to submit to a chemical breath test after being arrested Sunday by Galena police, who had received a report Vent had stolen a snowmachine in the village. Police were at the house the snowmachine was reported stolen from when Vent pulled up on the machine. Vent smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot, watery eyes and admitted drinking. He refused a chemical breath test.


• Andrew R.S. Gagnon, 24, of Northway, was charged with two counts of felony assault for allegedly throwing logs at his sister and mother on Saturday in Northway. Troopers received a call from Gagnon’s mother as she was driving her daughter to the clinic in Tok to be treated for injuries as a result of being hit in the leg and hip by the logs. Troopers interviewed the mother and daughter at the clinic in Tok. According to charging documents, Gagnon came home intoxicated and his mother told him to watch his mouth around the children. An argument ensued. Gagnon is accused of pushing his sister and putting two holes in the wall of the house. The argument moved outside and Gagnon allegedly picked up a piece of firewood and threw it at his sister, hitting her in the lower leg and causing her to fall down. Gagnon is accused of throwing another log and hitting her in the hip. Gagnon also allegedly threw three logs at his mother, but she was able to dodge them. Gagnon was charged with two counts of third-degree assault, as well as one count of fourth-degree criminal mischief for putting the holes in the wall.

• Michael M. McCoy, 25, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree misdemeanor assault after being arrested early Monday by troopers responding to a domestic disturbance in Lakeview Terrace. McCoy is accused of threatening his girlfriend and throwing a chair and pieces of broken dinnerware at her. The woman told troopers McCoy came home intoxicated and started throwing things around the house. He allegedly balled up his fist and threatened her multiple times. The woman said she was scared McCoy was going to hit her. McCoy told troopers he came home and was bitten in the hand by their dog. He and the woman argued and McCoy said she threw his stuff all over the house. Troopers said McCoy appeared intoxicated and there was broken dinnerware throughout the house.

• Deborah D. Kozloff, 54, of Beaver, was charged with misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest following an incident Saturday in Beaver where she allegedly chased her boyfriend with a wood splitting maul. The village’s public safety officer received a report Kozloff and the man were fighting outside the home they shared. A witness told the VPSO that Kozloff chased the man with a splitting maul, chopping at the ground behind him before throwing the maul in a snow bank. The man also had a “goose egg” on his forehead he said Kozloff gave him. A trooper flew into the village and checked the scene, finding the maul in the snow bank and gashes in the snow. Kozloff was arrested for fourth-degree assault. As the trooper and VPSO escorted her to the airport to be flown to Fairbanks, Kozloff became uncooperative. She refused to walk, tightened her body up, became aggressive and started cursing at the trooper and VPSO. When they reached the plane, Kozloff refused to sit in the proper seat and had to be forcefully placed in her seat. Kozloff’s legs were bound and a “spit hood” was placed over her head to stop her from spitting on the trooper and VPSO.

• Kelsey A.R. Peter, 23, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly punching her ex-boyfriend in the mouth and biting him on the shoulder March 6. Her ex-boyfriend told Fairbanks police he had come to her home to pick up their 1-year-old baby and spent the night. He woke up to her throwing his cell phone at him, punching him and biting him. Police observed he had a swollen lip and was bleeding on his forehead. Peter told police she woke to the phone ringing and had become upset because it was another woman calling. She threw the phone at him and ordered him out, she said. He later returned and started packing the baby’s things and they fought about the baby, she said. She said she bit him on the shoulder. Police said her story was difficult to follow and changed several times.

• Allen Vincent Shropshire, 49, of Fairbanks, was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge Tuesday after Fairbanks police were called to a domestic disturbance at 6:12 a.m. on Gilmore Street. Shropshire is accused of slapping his girlfriend in the face and chasing her around their apartment when she came home in the morning. The woman had redness and swelling under her eye.

• Brian Keith Visocsky, 43, of Fairbanks, was charged with misdemeanor assault following his arrest Monday by Fairbanks police. His wife of two years told police she was on the computer when Visocsky attacked her without cause. He is accused of punching her multiple times in the head, face and arms, knocking her to the ground and throwing a medication bottle at her. The woman suffered a bloody lip, redness and swelling to her forehead and a bloodshot left eye. Visocsky had skinned knuckles and blood on his right hand, police said.

Geez. Some people lead an interesting life.


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