April 4, 2011

Good Mon. Pale here and +18 at the airport. We had some cool below freezing and some +45 temps over the weekend.

Yokelly, we watched the movie Precious over the weekend. Wow. Anyone who does OCS cases should see this film. Not suitable for children (lots of cuss words and DV). The family situation portrayed in the movie is awful and there isn’t much uplift, but you just know there are lots of families like this out there. The actress who plays the demented mom, Mo’Nique, won best supporting actress, and the other roles are well played also. The lead actress, Gabourey Sidibe (her name is Senegalese) playing 16 year old Precious Jones who is pregnant with her second child, was nominated for best actress—she gave a strong performance, but it was her first film and the glamour factor was absent (Sandra Bullock won that year, 2008). You probably already know that Oprah produced the film, which was directed by Lee Daniels. Mariah Carey as the social worker was effective. I didn’t recognize her. Imagine the awful life of an obese teen who can barely read and who is virtually a slave for her welfare mom, but who has strong enough character to persist in trying to better her life. Roger Ebert gave it his top rating, as did many other reviewers. Absorbing, and a slice of America today, but not a feel-good movie. Sometimes you can learn a lot watching something outside your comfort range.

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