April 5, 2011

Good Tues. Pale here and +25 at the airport. It got up to about 40 yesterday.

Yokelly my car battery slumped over and nearly croaked, so I bought a new one. 4 of 5 auto technicians in North America recommended this particular model, according to the label. They were probably asked, “What do you recommend putting under the hood to provide electric power for an automobile?” Answer: a battery! The other 20 percent were in favor of wind power.

Local news is focused on military misdoers, including the guy who strangled a local business owner who had been buying stolen MREs from three soldiers (two active and one dishonorably discharged). The dischargee was just sentenced to 40 years at Hudson for his part in the murder. Meanwhile, over on base two soldiers fired pellet guns at a smoke jumper who was training for the upcoming fire season. The smoke jumper got their license plate and the military is taking it from there. Online commenters suggested the two shooters might benefit from expedited deployment to a war zone where they could put their practice to good use.


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