April 6, 2011

Good Wed. Pale here and cool at +11. We got a dusting of snow last evening. Nosy was outside and ignored it because the new crop of voles is active. Nothing interests her more than the sound of voles tunneling through the snow, or whatever it is they do.

Yokelly, not too much is going on. We watched a couple of art history lectures on the Italian Renaissance. The lecturer is from the Smithsonian and is very good. He manages to be scholarly and interesting at the same time. The paintings and sculptures are knockouts. Botticelli’s Spring (Primavera) was one of the featured paintings.

That’s Zephyr the West Wind at the right with his blue cheeks puffed, blowing on (inspiring) Chloris, who has flowers coming out of her mouth. She turns into Flora, the woman in the flowery dress. Spring stands in the middle with a putto (baby angel) floating overhead in front of the oranges, which signify fertility and hint at the garden of Eden. The three flimsily clad ladies to the left are Spring’s daughters the muses, and that’s Mercury using his cadeuces to shoo away a bit of cloud that is trying to get into the picture. One of the muses appears to be taking an interest in him. Perhaps she admires his winged sandals or, er, his sword. The original painting, to judge from the large screen reproduction in the lecture we watched, is much more brightly colored than the reproduction above. Botticelli was famous for his glowing colors and his elaborately arranged canvases.

Local news is filled with dramatic trials, including the 241 militia trial and the road rage stabbing trial. Pretty exciting bunch we have around here.


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