April 8, 2011

Happy Friday. Gray here and +30. We got snow yesterday afternoon that mostly melted off the roads.

Yokelly we looked at some more Italian Renaissance paintings with William Kloss of the Smithsonian. The star of the lecture was Filippino Lippi, who lived in Florence and did some amazing paintings, mostly on biblical subjects, as was the norm for the time. Kloss is very good at pointing out painterly stuff, like layout and composition, color patterns and such, that make paintings more enjoyable to look at. The reproductions in the series, from the Teaching Company, are bright and clear. Not like looking at the real thing, of course. Oil paintings up close can be mesmerizingly rich in color, and that usually does not come through in reproductions. Anyway, good series, relaxing to watch, even if many of the paintings were commissioned by the Italian Renaissance equivalent of a crime family (e.g., the Borgias).


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