March 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday. Nice day here again. +18 here and -2 at the airport. Sunny.

Yokel news is slow.

Locally we have the usual mix.

Headline: Alleged ‘241’ plot members plead not guilty to state indictments in Fairbanks

Toeline: Moose feeding on hay draws Alaska State Troopers’ attention

Moose can’t digest hay, so it’s against the law to leave it out where they can eat it. This caused quite a stir several years ago, with the usual anguished and hyperbolic cries of “Gestapo” and such.

Wasteline: Project to build new runway planned for Manley Hot Springs airport

Like Manley Hot Springs (population 89) needs a 3400 foot runway for all the big planes that go there. Your tax dollars at work—the ones left after the expenditure of 130 Tomahawk missiles and an F-16 in Libya this week. Good thing we are cutting programs for the poor to tighten our budget belt.

Buyline: Bill would target sex trafficking within Alaska

Made you look. Isn’t it already illegal? Vote for me!

Punchline: Alaska attorney general: State considering options on TSA pat-downs

What options? Maybe not fly at all? Not to say that we haven’t gone overboard (nautical metaphor) in much of our Homeland Security procedures. This all came about because the snoop agencies wouldn’t share information about people they knew were terrorists. So now we all are on the receiving end of Allstate government: “You’re in good hands!”

Enjoy Wed.


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