March 11, 2011

Happy Fri. Another bright, cool day here. -18 at the airport.

Yokelly, we watched another couple of lectures on The Neuroscience of Everyday Life by Professor Sam Wang of Princeton. A bit technical, discussing how neurons pass chemico-electrical charges to enable us to think, breathe, flex our muscles, etc. Kind of astonishing, actually. One thimbleful of brain matter contains a million neurons, so this process operates in fantastically multiplex ways. When you go to move a muscle, like to push keys to type, the nerve impulses travel 250 mph from brain to finger muscles. Next up is a lecture on how drugs, legal and illegal, affect the brain physiologically. The series has very good graphics to illustrate the processes. Some of them are pretty high-tech, like the holograph brain floating above a white box on a pedestal. The brain image spins when the professor motions toward it. Zowie. In short, with this series you can go seriously Wang. Prof. Wang, incidentally, speaks thoroughly American English, dresses nattily, and makes constant references to popular culture to illustrate points. Deep and smart.

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