March 14, 2011

Good Mon. Nice day here, sunny and about -17 at the airport. Calm here, nothing like the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. What a horrible thing. There’s a video at the link below that will blow your mind. Wait till break time.

We watched the Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job. Got it from Netflix. Wow. The crooks who run this country deserve a revol**shun with mobs armed with torches and pitchforks. Makes your blood boil. Guys pulling in 50 million a year and patting themselves on the back for getting away with it. The fact that the government does nothing about this tells you all you need to know about who runs things. The film is absorbing and actually quite beautiful, in places. The opening sequence has aerial photography of cityscapes that are captivating. The surprise for me, having watched other programs on the topic and read quite a bit about it, was the conflict of interest by economics professors who get paid to write reports praising some financial arrangement or other and are not required to disclose this income. The head of the Columbia University Business School, Glenn Hubbard, refused to comment on his fees when asked if a $250,000 a year consulting gig might not influence his judgment as an economist. MD researchers got busted for this kind of graft a couple of years back. Another economist, Frederic Mishkin, also of Columbia, wrote about how great the financial arrangements were in Iceland just about a year before the entire country was engulphed in the banking catastrophe. His excuses were quite lame. Why does he get to teach young people with a record like that? It will tick you off, but anyone who votes should be required to see this documentary. The Chronicle of Higher Education had a piece by the filmmaker, Craig Ferguson, at that explains who these people are and focuses on the higher ed connection.

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