March 16, 2011

Good Wednesday. Nice morning here again. Sunny. Before the global meltdown. Cool at +2 here and -10 at the airport.

Yokelly, we watched a lecture on how your sense receptors transmit touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight to your brain for processing. Interesting tidbits: they perform brain surgery without anesthetic because the brain has no pain receptors and they want to monitor what they are cutting on by asking you to wiggle your toes, etc. You have five types of taste receptor on your tongue, including sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and omami. You have many more bitter receptors to keep you alive, because poison tends to be bitter. Hmm, can I eat this berry? Ugh, bitter! No good! The omami receptor was named by the Japanese and translates “yummy.” It reacts strongly to meat and MSG. The information transmitted by your vision receptors requires more than 40 percent of your neocortex to process. Majorly complex it is, quoth Yoda.

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