February 7, 2011

Good Mon. Nice day here. -22 at the airport, which will please the mushers, who were worried about not enough cold to keep the dogs healthy and the creeks frozen.

Yokelly, L and I watched the Superb Owl. It was a hoot. My apologies to Packers fans, though. I rooted for them because I liked their uniforms better than the Steelers’ uniforms, and it nearly cost them the game. Whoever I root for usually loses. So all those dropped passes were my fault. On the other hand, someone like me was rooting for the Steelers and made them pass and fumble away the game. I shall maintain strict neutrality next time out of respect for fans on both sides. Oddly, the best run of the game, the interception runback for a TD by what’s his name was replayed only once, while much less interesting plays were replayed more. IMHO. Laura tracked tweets on the commercials to see which ones generated the most buzz. I forgot to ask her how that turned out. Most seemed moronic to me, but I am not a connoisseur. I did notice that fans were directed to a website to watch them again and vote for their favorite. That sounds like fun. Have advertisers got the American public wrapped around their little finger or what?

Local news is dogs and more about the Catholic Church in Alaska that you probably don’t want to know. Also, the Boy Scouts of America.

We had another woman die of hypothermia in Fairbanks, making two in a week. Both apparently were street people. This is a lousy place to be a street person.


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