February 16, 2011

Good Wed. -34 at the airport. It was -40 in some parts of town yesterday. Temps are supposed to come up later today or tomorrow.

Local news is we had a bank robbery Monday and they caught him Tuesday in a cab he rode in to Delta Junction. Interesting choice of getaway car. Who takes a cab 110 miles?

Then our local militia leader has a warrant out for his arrest:

Arrest warrant issued for Fairbanks militia leader Schaeffer Cox

by Sam Friedman / Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Feb 16, 2011

FAIRBANKS — The state justice system is not showing much patience with Schaeffer Cox’s efforts to defy the court.

A Fairbanks court issued a warrant for the arrest of the 26-year old militia leader after he failed to attend his own trial for a misdemeanor weapons misconduct charge Monday.

Cox had been charged with failing to disclose his possession of a concealed handgun in the presence of a police officer. He will now face an additional charge for failing to appear. Both offenses are class B misdemeanors. Bail was set at $7,500.

“I can only conclude he (Cox) chooses not to participate,” Superior Judge Michael McConahy said about 20 minutes after the trial’s scheduled start time Monday morning, according to the court transcript.

The judge said Cox knew the trial was scheduled to take place because he attended a pre-trial hearing on Friday.

The judge dismissed prospective jury members and set an April 4 date for Cox’s next hearing.

Cox belongs to a “Liberty Bell” network that sends out mass messages when someone believes their rights are being violated. He is also a leader in the local Second Amendment Task Force and the Peacemaker’s Militia.

His weapons misconduct charge stems from March 2010, when he monitored a police walk-through of an Eighth Avenue house. Fairbanks police said Cox did not immediately declare that he was carrying a Ruger .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol when contacted by an officer.

At previous hearings in the case, Cox has vowed not to attend his arraignment, refused to remove his hat and spoken at length about his objections to the proceedings.

The prosecution has challenged Cox’s ability to serve his own attorney and also requested a court order prohibiting him from bringing up issues beyond the scope of the case.

Cox’s whereabouts are unknown, and he did not return a phone call Tuesday.

Showing up armed to supervise police executing a warrant seems like one way of asking for trouble. Interesting that he thinks it is his right not to pay hat honor to the court. The first Quakers got in trouble for exactly the same thing. All men are equal under God. That’s why they used thee and thou, which at that time were familiar forms of address, rather than the more formal you and you that are now standard. The first Quakers also would heckle preachers of other denominations during church services. This earned them the publish attack of John Bunyan, then writing the first of his 60 books, Some Gospel-Truths Opened, in which he slammed the Quakers as the Shiia of his day. After a generation or two of this, and quite a bit of persecution that saw them jailed in a day when the prisoner paid for his own food and blanket, the group settled down into the respectable bunch it has been for a couple of hundred years. Maybe Cox is planning to start a new religion.


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