February 25, 2011

Good Fri. Sort of clear hear and warmer at 32 degrees. We got another couple of inches of the white powdery stuff. Skiers must be very pleased with the new snow of the past several days.

Yokelly, we watched The Social Network last evening. We are probably the last on the block to have done so, but now we are with it and are verging on humanity v. 2.0. I borrow the expression from the novelist Zadie Smith, who was at Harvard when Zuckerman was trashing people left and right on his way to becoming the youngest billionaire ever with Facebook. You can have all the appearances of friendship on Facebook without possessing any of the real thing. And the marketing opportunities! Not to mention corporate-government snooping. I suspect this story will play out over decades as we learn how many millions of facers have been done dirt via their favorite pastime. Anyway, the movie, as you may already know, was pretty good. Or at least we thought so. If you wonder about the larger aspects of this new technology, check out Zadie Smith’s smart piece in the New York Review of Books online at where she reviews the movie and a related book on the limitations and dangers of software.

Local news is not too much. A couple of coal cars derailed at a major railroad crossing in town blocking traffic for five hours. Glad I was not there. Driving around that particular crossing takes several minutes without traffic, so if you were headed for an appointment it was bad news.

Our Police Report contains some rough stuff. Here are just the assaults. Batteries are not included.


• Carey C. Noble, 31, was charged with fourth-degree assault after allegedly kicking Fairbanks police officers and threatening to fight them. Two Fairbanks police officers said they stopped Noble on Dale Street near the intersection with Discovery Drive at 3:52 p.m. Saturday after he swerved across the center line and made a fast wide turn. Noble came out of his car aggressively, wearing gloves with hardened knuckles and challenged the officers to fight, police said. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, and during the arrest police said he kicked one officer several times. “Noble had to be placed on the ground to gain compliance,” police said.

• Bryan H. Fillingim, 24, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault after allegedly hitting a Kodiak Jack’s bouncer in the face. The bouncer told Fairbanks police Fillingim was denied entrance to the bar at 2:40 a.m. Sunday for being too drunk. Fillingim tried to enter several more times at different entrances, becoming increasingly belligerent, the bouncer said. The bouncer said Fillingim hit him in the mouth with the heel of his hand while being escorted out. Fillingim was detained in handcuffs by Kodiak Jack’s staff and arrested by police. Police observed swelling on the bouncer’s upper lip. During the struggle, open bottles of R&R whisky and Schmirnoff Vodka fell out Fillingim’s jacket, the bouncer said. Fillingim also was charged with introduction of alcohol onto a licensed premise.

• Laura Minerva, 23, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault after allegedly punching and ripping out the hair of a Kodiak Jack’s bartender in the women’s bathroom at 3:21 a.m. Sunday. The victim told Fairbanks police she was in the bathroom when she heard Minerva say she was going to beat up a Kodiak Jack’s waitress. The victim said Minerva attacked after she said she works at Kodiak’s and asked if she needed to get a bouncer. Another woman was also arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest following this incident.

• Brent S. Jacobs, 47, of North Pole, was charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly pinning his wife to their living room floor. Jacobs’ wife told Alaska State Troopers that Jacobs pinned her to the ground at about 2 a.m. Saturday, leaving her with bruises on her hands, arms and upper shoulders. She tried to fight back and get free, but was unable, and eventually fell asleep, she said. The next morning she called 911 and hung up, she said. Jacobs told troopers he had pinned his wife to the ground because she had taken medications and was acting erratic. He said his wife’s injuries were rug burn. The trooper’s observation concluded they were not rug burn.

Kodiak Jack’s is about a mile and a half from here. I always wondered what it was like there late at night.


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