January 25, 2011

Happy Tues. -18 at the airport today. More like -3 in here. Nice old moon in the early morning sky.

Yokel gnus is gnot too much. The geriatric Jeep, about to be rechristened the effing Jeep, is due for another trip to the shop tomorrow. Grrr.

Local news is Fairbanks head-on crash is attributed to drunken texting. One guy’s drunken urge to text while driving sent another guy to the hospital.

The PR today is long, so here is part of it—


• Brian Harley, 27, of Ester, was charged with second- and fourth-degree assault after a fight put a woman in the hospital emergency room. The woman said she was punched in the face more than once following an argument, resulting in a swollen-shut eye, broken nose and bruises on her neck, arms and hands. A 6-year-old girl at the house told Alaska State Troopers Harley “punched her mom,” according to charging documents. Harley said the woman started the fight by ripping his shirt. He first said she had fallen down the stairs, then that an accidental elbow had hit her and later that he had punched her. Harley said tension at the home was building because there was no heating oil, gas or money.

• Cheryl L. Newsom, 37, of Fairbanks, was charged on Wednesday with fourth-degree assault and interfering with a report of domestic violence stemming from a Dec. 24 incident at her home. Newsom reportedly had an altercation with a woman in which she tackled her, tried to strangle her and scratched her cheeks. When the woman tried to call police, Newsom reportedly pulled the telephone cord from the wall and pulled a battery from her cell phone.

• Christopher Martin Nuss, 51, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault and interfering with a report of domestic violence following an altercation at a Sixth Avenue home. Nuss got into an argument with a woman after accusing her of assaulting him. He reportedly shoved her to the ground, then grabbed her cell phone when she tried to call 911, throwing it to the ground and breaking it. Nuss said the incident started when he was assaulted, but couldn’t say how it occurred. The woman said a laceration on the back of his head happened when he fell and hit his head on a bed frame.

• Dainon Scott Qualls, 19, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault in connection to a Dec. 27 fight at a downtown Fairbanks home. Following an argument, Qualls reportedly punched a woman, slammed her head into a bed headboard and placed his knee in her stomach. The woman was 7 weeks pregnant. An officer responding to the scene saw bruises, scratches and cuts on her face, according to a report.

• Melissa Dawn Rowan, 40, of North Pole, was charged with third-degree assault on Wednesday night after firing a handgun into the ground during an argument with her boyfriend. The incident on Joan Avenue happened following an argument. The man came to the home to retrieve his possessions, and Rowan reportedly fired the shot when he refused to leave. Rowan, the man and two children in the home told troopers the weapon was fired during the incident. A .40-caliber shell and disfigured bullet were found at the scene.

Kind of rough out there. Good thing the light is returning.

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