December 27, 2010

Happy Monday, the last of 2010. (Sniff.) It is still a tad cool here though we got some respite yesterday that has lasted into this ayem. Temp is now -10 at the airport.

Our day started with a mystery. There was barf on the entry hall carpet. L reported it after Pand I had been up for some time. I had passed it in the dark on my way to check the garage for signs of abnormality. P said she had not been downstairs. L pointed out that she had almost stepped in it, which was not likely if she “had known it was there.” No one had a witness to corroborate their account. The barf, subjected to inspection, appeared to be a partially digested meal. Unfortunately, it was beyond recognition, or I might have solved the mystery then and there, which is to say, at 7:05 am in the entry hall near the cat litter box. This gave me an idea. I asked Nosy if she had seen anything suspicious on her most recent trip to the litter box. “You’re asking meow?” She replied. “Of course not. It was dark, and I was on whisker obstacle detection surveillance at the time.” While gingerly cleaning up the barf, I developed further ideas. I asked P and L, separately, so neither could hear the question or answer, “Did you eat anything after 8:00 pm last evening?” P said no. L allowed as how she might have but couldn’t exactly remember as she does not watch the clock while eating. Or words to that effect. Then, suddenly, a light bulb went on. I turned again to Nosy. “I noticed you seemed rather hungry this morning.” “Well,” she said, “If you had lost your dinner, um, somewhere, you’d be hungry too!” Reading between the lines, I am pretty sure I identified by at least a preponderance of the evidence the malefactor of upchuck, but have kept my surmise to myself in the interests of tranquility in the home.

Local news is this and that.

Headline: Alaska agency seeks OK to fire rockets near sea lions

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