October 23, 2010

We attended the debate between US Senate candidates Scott McAdams (D) and Joe Miller (R) at UAF Friday evening. It was pretty civilized. I saw the UAF police chief in plainclothes standing at the back. My guess is he told the candidates, if anyone needs to be arrested, UAF police will do it. Last week security guards working for Miller, two of them active duty military, arrested a journalist. Anchorage PD arrived and released him. Sen. Murkowski (R-write-in candidate) did not participate. She had something else to do. I think that was a missed opportunity. Both candidates spoke well. McAdams has a good sense of humor and was quite forthright about stating his positions on controversial issues. Miller answered a different question when it was his turn to address how gays and lesbians are treated in society. It appeared he didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so he just talked about something else. He had two minutes to answer, and his being off-topic was very noticeable. I’m surprised he was unprepared or unwilling to even discuss a topic of concern to many young people, not to mention their elders. He also had his daughter shout out from the audience what a “fun dad” he is. I thought plants in the audience are generally considered bad form. The debate was moderated by the chair of the Journalism Dept. at UAF, who performed the task well. The ASUAF student body president asked questions submitted by the audience. The place was packed (limit 250) and was broadcast to an overflow crowd in other buildings on campus, including The Pub!

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