October 21, 2010

Good Thurs. Pretty morning here. Cold at 8 degrees downtown.

The jerryatric Jeep is at the garaj today for a checkup and a minor repair. At least I hope it’s minor.

Yokelly we have been seeing some pleasant birds in our yard lately. The chickadees of course outnumber the rest until the redpolls arrive in the early part of the year. Then we have a pair of gray jays who really like peanut butter, and a hairy woodpecker who likes pb and suet. We also saw a pair of ruffed grouse high up in a tree going along the limbs looking for stuff to eat. And brother Raven wafts by from time to time.

Local news is about Joe Miller suing former FNSB mayor Jim Whittaker for commenting on Miller’s alleged ethical problem while working for the borough. I’m not sure why Miller wants to make this story bigger, since it appears he was attempting to falsely influence a poll with multiple votes. That’s not why the borough was concerned, but it’s why others might be. Having active duty military handcuff a journalist and threaten others with same seems equally unwise, not to mention a bit alarming. Military are not supposed to be involved in electioneering, I seem to recall. I remember seeing armed military on street corners in several Latin American countries in 79-80 when I was down there. In Lima, Peru I saw tanks on the streets during a national election. We’ve got a ways to go before it gets like that here. Are elections always this exciting?

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