October 21, 2010

Happy Wed. Nice day here, the sun shining and the air cool at 10 degrees.

Yokel gnus is the usual. Nothing you can use. However, we did watch the movie Milk over the weekend, starring Sean Penn as San Francisco gay activist and city supervisor Harvey Milk, who was assassinated by another city supervisor, Dan White, along with the mayor. I was living in the area at the time and it was a big deal. Actual footage of the huge candlelight march in SF organized in honor of Milk and Mayor Moscone is shown in the movie. White’s attorneys somehow convinced the jury that the premeditated double murder was the result of deep depression evidenced by his eating a lot of junk food. The press termed it “the Twinkie defense.” It got him a conviction for manslaughter and a 5 year sentence, perceived by many at the time as a gross miscarriage of justice. This was pre-OJ Simpson. White, a former police officer, was released from prison 5 years later and committed suicide after about 2 weeks. Anyway, the film evokes a period in the history of San Francisco and a phase in the gay rights movement that is worth knowing about. The acting is excellent. Directed by Clint Eastwood.

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