September 27, 2010

Good Mon. Nice bright cold morning here. Started out at 18 degrees. Brrr. That will seem balmy before long, but today it feels cold.

Yokelly, I spent about an hour of yesterday up on a ladder washing windows and cleaning leaves out of the rain gutter. Today I feel virtuous. I also cleared enough stuff out of the garage to get one car in. Pam won the draw. We watched “Up In The Air” over the weekend and enjoyed it. Very timely and also has things to say about generational differences, relationships, workers’ conditions, careers, the meaning of life. Worth a watch if you haven’t yet seen it. I’m not saying a Rolex, but certainly a Timex.

Local news is this and that. Election stuff, mostly.

Also we have a Police Report. Here are the principal items of interest—

Multiple charges

• A Fairbanks man is facing a felony criminal mischief charge for breaking out the window of his girlfriend’s pickup truck to sleep in. James Robert Richards, 22, of Fairbanks, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, fourth-degree assault and resisting arrest after being arrested by troopers early Monday morning. Richards’ mother called troopers in Nenana at 12:53 a.m. to report that he was drunk and causing a disturbance at her home. Richards was gone by the time a trooper arrived and the trooper spent more than two hours searching for him before Richards’ girlfriend flagged the trooper down and told him Richards was sleeping in her truck. The trooper found Richards sleeping in his girlfriend’s 1995 GMC Sierra, which was locked. Richards had broken the rear window of the truck to get in.

The trooper was taking pictures of Richards sleeping in the truck when he awoke and started yelling profanities. He fled the vehicle and ran down Second Street with the trooper in pursuit. After falling in the intersection of Second and Market streets, Richards jumped up and attempted to punch the trooper in the face. The trooper pepper sprayed Richards, who then took off again. The trooper caught him again in an alley between First and Second streets and took him to the ground. Richards attempted to kick the trooper in the face from his back and the trooper pepper sprayed him a second time. Once in custody, Richards threatened the trooper, saying he was going to get him when he gets off probation. As the trooper was walking him to the patrol car, Richards spun away and broke loose, kicking the trooper, who took Richards to the ground again to subdue him.

• Jeffrey Allen Fales, 25, of Tok, was charged with fourth-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after being arrested by troopers Wednesday in Tok. Fales’ father called troopers at 12:06 a.m. to report that his son was drunk and he needed help dealing with him. Troopers arrived at 12:30 a.m. to find four people holding Fales on the ground as he yelled obscenities. Fales attempted to bite a trooper as the trooper tried to calm him down. After troopers handcuffed him, Fales resisted by stiffening his arms and legs. He headbutted a trooper in the face and refused to get in the patrol car by stiffening his body. Troopers had to force him into the car.

Once inside the car, Fales continued yelling obscenities and began kicking the rear passenger door and striking his head against the window and cage of the patrol car. He cut his head while doing so and continued banging his head against the window, despite being asked repeatedly to stop doing so by troopers. During the incident, Fales said several times that he would shoot the two troopers with a rifle. While being held in Tok, Fales damaged the holding cell by striking the light, door, sink and barriers inside the cell.


• A Nenana man was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly headbutting his former spouse Wednesday afternoon after she complained about the way he butchered a moose inside the house. Benjamin Kratzler, 36, was charged with fourth-degree assault after troopers responded to a disturbance reported at the couple’s home at 310 Mile Parks Highway around 12:30 p.m. Kratzler and his 40-year-old ex-spouse got into an argument over how he processed a moose in the house and the argument escalated to the point Kratzler was standing nose-to-nose with her. The woman told troopers she could feel spit hitting her face as Kratzler yelled at her and that he had used that technique in the past to intimidate her. Kratzler was urging the woman to hit him when he surged forward and headbutted her. The woman had a large, shiny lump the shape of a chicken egg on the right side of her forehead when troopers arrived.

My, my. The “large, shiny lump about the shape of a chicken egg on the right side of her forehead” is good descriptive writing.

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