September 22, 2010

Happy Wendy’s Day. Enjoy your whopper. Whooper. Hmmm. Nice morning here, but windy and 32 degrees! Time to bring in the rose plant we harbor indoors over the winter. Probably half of all the leaves left on the trees yesterday morning have blown down since the wind rose and the rose rose. Summoned to attention, the rows rose. Anyway, it is sunny.

Yokel news is not too much. Christine is on the job. The cat snoozeth. Her bald patch is slowly furring over. It will be a couple of months at this rate before she appears normal in her left profile, because there she hasn’t much fur left.

Local news is this and that. Politicians hoping to attract favorable attention and so forth. Also, there is an effort afoot to unionize the last bastion of serf labor at UAF.

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