Sunday early

June 27, 2010

Charlemagne and Roland

Up betimes and read this and that in the NYT. Frank Rich on the folly of Af-Pak wars, reader suggestions for how to right the right-leaning ship of state, tree branch falls on mother and child at the zoo. Is life a matter of what happens on the spot where you happen to be standing? Two other people have been hit by falling branches in Central Park in the last year, one of them killed. What to do? Close the zoo? Cut down all trees? Live well and keep your fingers crossed? And then there is treachery. Human nature in a common form. I’m reading the Song of Roland, which hinges on the the treachery of Ganelon, Roland’s uncle, who hates his boastful superjock nephew and arranges with the “Paynims” (pagans) to kick him in the aft. Not very nice of Ganelon, of course, but Roland is tiresome. His most lasting legacy is the horn tone on electronic keyboards. Busy day ahead of packing and organizing before heading for California and Seattle in a few days.

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