April 5, 2011

Good Tues. Pale here and +25 at the airport. It got up to about 40 yesterday. Yokelly my car battery slumped over and nearly croaked, so I bought a new one. 4 of 5 auto technicians in North America recommended this particular model, according to the label. They were probably asked, “What do you recommend […]

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April 4, 2011

Good Mon. Pale here and +18 at the airport. We had some cool below freezing and some +45 temps over the weekend. Yokelly, we watched the movie Precious over the weekend. Wow. Anyone who does OCS cases should see this film. Not suitable for children (lots of cuss words and DV). The family situation portrayed […]

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April 1, 2011

Happy Fri. Nice day here, bright and sunny. There were two moose in the yard early on, eating the apparently inedible. -12 at the airport. Yokelly not too much happening. Nosy really wanted to go out, then felt the cold air and decided otherwise. Local news isn’t anything to write home about either. However, we […]

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